RubyCon Bangalore tomorrow + event details

The informal RubyCon Bangalore is happening tomorrow (Saturday, 28th July) under the aegis of Barcamp Bangalore at IIMB. Here's the lowdown:

Talks: Five at the moment. If you feel like giving one, please add it to the list on the wiki.
  1. Authentication and Security in Rails Applications, Saurabh Bhatia, Safew Technology Labs
  2. Using FIND Methods of RAILS::ACTIVERECORD, Satish Kota, Heurion Consulting
  3. Deploying Rails Applications, Vivek Prahlad, ThoughtWorks
  4. Recorder for Firewatir, Angrez Singh,
  5. Enterprise on Rails with ActiveMessaging, Bhavin Javia, ThoughtWorks
Full-time/Confirmed participants: 54
Part-time participants: 23
Tentative participants: 18

You can sign up on the Bangalore Ruby User Group for more info or to get your questions answered.

Do show up, we're looking forward to meeting you!


Cipson said...

see you there

Anonymous said...


Its nice to see that RUBY has finally reached India. All i thought was Ruby was not accepted here so fst.

Can you point me out to few Ruby Groups in India. I am from Ahmedabad and planning to shift my entire goal to IronRuby, since i am working on .net with C#.

IronRuby shall become more popular with .net advantages to its credit.

Pl. blog more on IronRuby.


Narain Rajagopalan said...

man, you guys are doing some fantastic job. Pity that i am from chennai and don't have access to these. Any podcasts or screencasts of the day available.

Bangalore Techie said...

Visitors of this post, please follow this thread on BangaloreRUG google group for details of the Ruby collective talks at BarCamp Bangalore 4.