Ruby Conference at the next Barcamp Bangalore

The Bangalore Ruby User Group is planning what is probably Bangalore's first Ruby conference as a sub-event during the next Barcamp (whats Barcamp?).

The next Barcamp Bangalore will be run in a new format involving creating a series of mini-conferences around particular topics. These mini-conferences, called 'Collectives' give participants a hot-spot where then can expect to meet others who share their interests. We're hoping to use this format to attract all those Rubyists in and around Bangalore so we can hang out, trade ideas and have a fun time.

The Barcamp is happening on the 28th and 29th of July, 2007 at the IIM-B. If you're into Ruby and in Bangalore during that weekend, please do drop in and give a talk, or just hang out with us. You can register at the RubyCon collective page over at the Barcamp wiki.


Anonymous said...

hello sir,

I am kapil ,looking for work in software engineering research basically in agile/xp/web2.0/colloboration area.Also want to learn ruby and ruby on rails.Is there any possibility of this kind of work at thoughtworks ?

I also write a blog at

and my email Id is


Anonymous said...

hi Sidu,

I am Sridhar, taking lead on BangAJAX Collective.

Sidu will u be available to present a talk on use of AJAX in Thoughtworks?

Looking forward for hearing from you.


PS: you can drop a mail at