"Too much recursion"

That's the Javascript error I'm getting on Firefox when I run my GWT app. It works fine on IE, though. And here I was hoping to be done with my YUI based GWT drag-drop example in a day or two. No point in continuing unless I can get it working on FF, though.
It looks like an equals() function is being called recursively somewhere. Debugging generated javascript is a total nightmare. Oh well, back to work...

Update (20061123,1910):
Got it working. Of all the dumb things, it was a call to the toString() function of a GWT JavaScriptObject instance in my Java code. Commented it out and everything runs fine.


Công ty CP Phát triển phần mềm Nam Á said...

I has this error too. Can you show me more details how to fix it?

Unknown said...

Can you give me more details so I can replicate the issue?