What I've read, what I'm reading and what I think about it, starting May 14th 2008.
No.NameAuthorStarted ReadingFinished ReadingComments
10Deryni Rising Katherine Kurtz 2008-05-29 2008-05-31 This is the first book in the Deryni series, written in 1970. I wouldn't recommend it - it's shallow, with a very simplistic plot and sketchy character development. I came across it on a list of top 100 fantasy books, but I'm not sure how it got there.
9The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini 2008-05-18 2008-05-24
8The Truth Terry Pratchett 2008-05-18 2008-05-18
7Yet Another Haskell Tutorial Hal Daumé III 2008-05-12

6The Bonehunters (The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Book 6) Steven Erikson 2008-05-05 2008-05-01
5The Last Hero Terry Pratchett 2008-04-26 2008-04-26 This illustrated edition was gifted to me by a close friend. It's beautifully done (in colour) and highly recommended.
4A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson 2008-04-25 2008-05-17
3The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Andrew Hunt and Dave Thomas 2008-04-20 2008-05-28 This book is essential reading for any hacker. I personally found it difficult to read (it shows in the month I took to finish it) beacuse I've already been exposed to many of the ideas in the book when pairing with my colleagues or through conversations on TWs mailing lists. However, there was enough in there which was new or which I hadn't paid much attention to earlier to make it worth the time I spent.
2From Hell - New Cover Edition Alan Moore 2008-04-25 2008-05-16
1India's Unending Journey: Finding Balance in a Time of Change Mark Tully 2008-04-10 2008-05-02
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