MacBooks for ThoughtWorkers

The lovely MacBook and MacBook Pro will be introduced starting sometime in October, giving ThoughtWorkers the opportunity to choose between a Dell and a MacBook for their company issue laptop. Now how cool is that. Not much of a decision to make there, eh?

A Mac with Boot Camp would even allow you to boot into Windows as the primary operating system for things like playing games. For everything else Windows, there's Parallels. And don't get me started about the oh-so-usable OS X.



Anonymous said...

As a current owner of a macbook pro, let me warn you to avoid mixing Parallels and Boot Camp. I tried this with various builds of the last version of Parallels (version 2), and it always ended up hosing my Boot Camp partition so that I couldn't boot to Windows (I could only use it with Parallels).

I've moved to using Boot Camp exclusively for Windows, and I use Parallels for Linux and other operating systems I want to mess around with.

I haven't tried Parallels version 3, but it would be hard to convince me to go to the trouble, especially since, after you install XP enough times, your key becomes invalid and you have to call Microsoft to get a new one.

So, I'd say choose one or the other. I chose Boot Camp.

soody said...

Awesome !!! simply awesome.... I am feeling like a total idiot now for not being able to ger thru .. just siitin like an ass n kickin my butt..

One question siddu.. Is by any any remote chance in the world is it possible for me to get an interview call.. even though the code wasn't accepted ... just need a chance to explain why I used the methods/approach...

I know m soundin so desperate here in a public forum.. but I just can't seem to get over the hang of ur company...

Will really appreciate it if u can help..

Ne ways... once again.. congrats on gettin the new Macs.. After all how many employees workin in India are fortunate enough to get a Mac from the company.

Ravi said...

Just curious, but does every single employee in TWI get a laptop these days? If so that's a definite change (for the better) since when I worked there.

Keshav Ram Narla said...

Maybe sidu wants to answer the questions. But I wanted to go ahead.

Everyone in TWI gets a laptop (DEll Lattitudes) including the fresh graduates and support folks.

But i can't wait for the Mac!

Ravi said...

That's good :-). Not just good, awesome!
Long ago, I (and Amit Rathore and Ajey Gore) had to effectively kidnap Roy (Singham) to persuade him to authorize laptops for everyone coz the powers that be in India dragged their feet over buying laptops *for everyone*. The prevailing idea was that a limited number of laptops were doled out the "people who needed them". (not blaming them, they had their reasons I am sure :-) )

It is good to know that laptops are now a standard perk! Enjoy those Macbooks! I am sure the folks with Dells would turn them in and ask for Macs!!!

Unknown said...


Dude, why don't we talk about this on mail? You can reach me at my first name at thoughtworks d0t com.

karthik c said...

okay. i think its time to get back :-D

The Refrigerator said...

Hey Sidu, thats nice to hear that you are eager to lay your hands on MacBooks and MacBook Pro. Working for a company in Udupi, that develops products for the Mac market, i am a proud user of MacBook for the past 2 years:-)