ThoughtWorks GeekNight: Meet Ola Bini (of JRuby) and Zheng Ye (of XRuby)

Ola Bini, core committer on the JRuby project is in Bangalore for a while. So is Zheng Ye, core committer on the XRuby project.

Here's your chance to learn more about JRuby, XRuby and related topics straight from the horse's mouth.

Briefly, JRuby allows us to run Ruby code - including Rails - on the Java JVM. XRuby is the first Ruby to Java compiler which compiles Ruby source code (.rb) to Java bytecode (.class)

If you're interested in meeting Ola and Zheng Ye, please sign up on the GeekNight wiki.

Date: Friday, 31st August
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: ThoughtWorks Bangalore. Here are the directions.

Zheng Ye is a ThoughtWorker and the core developer of XRuby, which is a Ruby to Java bytecode compiler. He is from China. He used to work for Neusoft Group in Shenyang and worked on XRuby in his spare time. Currently, he is working for ThoughtWorks Studios, providing Ruby and JRuby services.

Ola Bini is a long time Java developer with a taste for alternative languages. He is from Sweden originally, but now lives in London. He used to work for Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and working on JRuby in his spare time. The last 3 months he has been working for ThoughtWorks Studios, providing Ruby and JRuby services for the rest of the company. Ola is one of the JRuby core developers. His book Practical JRuby on Rails will be published by APress in September.


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prasanth Gulfu said...

Hi sidu... prasanth frm mutualpr..
Hey hw was the geek night ? didnt see any snaps of it on ur blog?