Creating your own 'dzone this!' Feed Flare Unit for FeedBurner

If you use FeedBurner and want to add a 'dzone this!' link to your feeds or your posts, here's how.
Create a text file, copy the xml given below into that file and save it with an xml extension. Any filename is fine.
Now upload it somewhere on the net (geocities, tripod, anything goes) - just remember that this xml file needs to be accessible using a URL.
Log into your Feedburner account and go to the 'Optimize' tab. Select the FeedFlare section and enter the URL to your xml file in the box below the 'Personal FeedFlare' heading. Click 'Add New Flare' and your very own FeedFlareUnit is ready to roll.

<Title>dzone this!</Title>
<Description>A static FeedFlare unit that submits the URL of this post to</Description>
<Text>dzone this!</Text>
<Link href="${link}&amp;title=${title}"/>
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