Who said Indian companies don't do Rails?

"No Indian outsourcing firm and their bloggers have even indirectly hinted at the fact that they are using it for large enterprise applications?"
-James McGovern

ThoughtWorks India has delivered at least a couple of Rails projects. I hope this counts as more than an indirect hint.


Anonymous said...

not really an outsourcing firm - or even as big as some of the other major indian players - are we?

Unknown said...

I don't think size is the issue under discussion. A services firm is a services firm is a services firm, be it a 750 person shop like TW or a 70,000 person shop like Infy or whatever.

As for the former - we're fooling ourselves if we think that any client organization would go half-way around the world to have their problems solved without the incentive of a huge reduction in costs. If they wanted developers as good as those at TWI and cost wasn't an issue, I'm sure there are plenty of those right in their backyards.
I agree that the word 'outsourcing' has certain connotations - hordes of inexpensive developers doing drudge work - which is not TWI. But while we bill at twice or thrice the rate of the other Indian shops, we're stil charging 1/3rd the US rate. Perhaps 'low cost' is a better way to put it, if the connotation is what we want to avoid.