JRuby symlinks

If you plan on building running JRuby from source, then here are a few useful symlinks to get things set up. Remember to change the paths to suit.
ln -s ~/Work/ruby/jruby/bin/jruby /usr/bin/jruby
ln -s ~/Work/ruby/jruby/bin/jirb /usr/bin/jirb
ln -s ~/Work/ruby/jruby/bin/jgem /usr/bin/jgem
ln -s ~/Work/ruby/jruby/bin/jirb_swing /usr/bin/jirb_swing
Why run JRuby from source? Because it's developed very actively and there is enough happening that I like to do an svn up every other week, followed by and ant clean and an ant. Yes, that is all it takes :). The svn url is http://svn.codehaus.org/jruby/trunk/jruby


Blaxter said...

I use alias in my .bashrc, something like:

for f in $JRUBY_HOME/bin/*; do
f=$(basename $f)
case $f in jruby*|jirb*|*.bat|*.rb|_*) continue ;; esac
eval "alias j$f='jruby -S $f'"

KetanPadegaonkar said...

What's wrong with:

export JRUBY_HOME=~/Work/ruby/jruby

simpler, and allows me to execute any gems that get installed in $JRUBY_HOME/bin :)