British English spellings for has criticised my spelling of 'criticise' for the last time. This most excellent article has allowed me to add more dictionaries which spell the way I do and get rid of the old ones. Not trivial, but worth the effort.


Peter Gillard-Moss said...

I'm going to be really pedantic but 'critize' is the correct British English spelling.

'ize' is often incorrectly considered an Americanism and 'ise' incorrectly considered the correct way (when 'ise' is in fact a Francoism).

In fact many hardcore British wordsmiths reject 'ise' (except for words which correctly end in 'ise') and frown upon its use. Until recently the OED refused to acknowledge its existance.

Unfortunately it's 1-0 to the Yanks who are correct on this one and most Brits are getting their spelling wrong.

Unknown said...

Aw shucks. Ok, fine, I'll settle for being able to spell 'colour' as I'd like to.

Unknown said...

PS. - I'd checked here before posting, but I guess there's no arguing with Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Peter Gillard-Moss. Language is defined by the most common usage. Language is NOT static like the French would like to delusionally believe.

Most British people use "ise" so that is the most correct form. "ize" is for pedants who don't understand that language is organic and is defined more by common usage than university professors teaching English, if you don't realise this then you clearly don't understand language.