Avoid the refrigerated stuff at FoodWorld

A word of advice to shoppers - don't buy foodstuff that require refrigeration from a FoodWorld outlet.

There is a reasonable chance with such items that power outages would have made them go bad, so you need to shop at a store with a sensible exchange policy for such products. If a store insists on you producing a bill, then you're in trouble, because who preserves two hundred rupee bills for Chocos, chips and srikhand?

The reason I bring this up is because I've just been dinged for the (luckily not-so-huge) sum of Rs. 56 over a carton of Amul Srikhand which requires storage at zero degrees Celsius; I bought a couple of cartons on Thursday night at a FoodWorld, opened one on Friday and found it had gone quite manky (the other was fine). FoodWorld insists on bills to prove stuff and refuses to look up their billing database (I payed by card, so it can't be difficult) in the event that the bill is no longer available. The manager at the 100ft Road FoodWorld, a Mr. Gupta, told me he' be in a deep trouble if he took the Srikhand back without a bill - in fact, he'd have to pay for it himself.

Oh well, perhaps I'll find the bill in the pocket of the jeans I was wearing that night. Whether I find it or not, I'm not going to shop at a store which would rather screw it's customers and employees over rather than fix its processes.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your shrikand. I hope with enough folks like you stand up to the shoddy treatment, the powers that be will wake up and take customer satisfaction more seriously. But then customer service has never been our forte. Hope the culture changes. Taking a stand has to start somewhere.

Better luck next time.