Webcast on distributed development at 6:00pm GMT today

Agile Journal is broadcasting a webcast titled "Making Distributed Software Development Work" at 6:00pm GMT, a couple of hours from now (my apologies for the short notice). Matt Simons, one of the speakers, has spent over five years working out of ThoughtWorks India and has considerable first-hand experience in distributed development and delivery.

The webcast will address some of the challenges encountered in distributed development, like:
  • Disconnection on project requirements or estimation
  • Decreased visibility into project status
  • Erosion of trust among individuals in the project

The webcast features Matthew Simons, the Chief People Officer of ThoughtWorks and Cary Schwaber, a Senior Analyst from Forrester.

More information about the webcast can be found here. Registration is required to participate, but is free.

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