A fairly entertaining April Fool's day

It's been a fairly productive day around here for everyone but me, it seems. ThoughtWorks Studios has been plotting to put me and my fellow ThoughtWorkers out of work by 'leveraging the power of Amazon's Mechanical Turk' with Mingle Proj-o-matic. Who needs developers - we just need stories. I especially liked the pink stars there - that's exactly what good, finished software looks like in my head. Seriously.
This occasioned an impassioned company wide e-mail by Josh Cronemeyer warning the Studios folks that the TW dev community 'won't lay down our text editors without a fight'.
Shortly thereafter, someone spoofed Roy and Trevor discussing lotus notes and awards for TWers (neither of which get much respect around here) and again copied all of TW.
Lastly, a certain innocent and unsuspecting TWer in Pune has sent an e-mail to Sitaraman, only he doesn't know it yet. He'll find out soon enough, I suspect.

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Shlomo said...

Thanks for the explanation of the roy/trevor email. I was just baffled until your post made me look closer at it.