This is my first chance to catch my breath in over three weeks. Things have been quite chaotic and all I've been able to make time for on this blog is the odd event update. I've switched projects (I'm on a Ruby project finally), switched cities (I'm working out of TW Pune for the next few months) and I attended the wedding of a very close friend, the first in my group to tie the knot.

This post is just a 'ping' to indicate that I'm still alive - I have a bunch of stuff I want to write about, but only after I recover from a 24 hour train ride to Mumbai, followed by 3 days of wedding ceremonies, stuffing myself with food (the dude who got married is a Bora muslim and man they take eating seriously) and partying late into the night, followed by a 4 hour bus ride to Pune.

Incidentally, here's a really funny video on the making of an even funnier play staged at the 2007 TWI Away Day at Ooty. It may not make much sense to non-Indians, though...

The play itself was hilarious - it used the basic storyline of the Ramayana and mixed in Trevor, Roy, cricket, popular desi ads and generally ended up making fun of a whole bunch of stuff. If you're a TWer and are ever in India, ask to see the video of the play. You won't regret it, though I suspect Trevor and Roy will.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you still kicking around;-)

You didn't stay on the dark side for too long. Good luck with your Ruby project and don't go to Bombay!!