BangPyper and BdotNet meetings at ThoughtWorks Bangalore on 26th January

The BangPypers (Bangalore Python User Group) will be meeting at 4:00pm on Saturday, 26th January to discuss the Django web framework.

The BdotNet (Bangalore .Net User Group) are also meeting at 4:00pm on Saturday, 26th January for a session on "Sorting It All Out - Even More Words on Collation" by Michael Kaplan. The original announcement can be found here.

Both are open, free events and anyone can attend.

The address of ThoughtWorks Bangalore is:
ThoughtWorks India Pvt. Ltd.,
Diamond District Corporate Block,
Tower C, 2nd floor,
Airport Road, Bangalore.

You can get directions and a map from an older post of mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I really wish I could attend Michael's talk. I love his blog.

Anonymous said...

Sidu, do you work for thoughtworks?