BOJUG and BdotNET meetings at ThoughtWorks Bangalore over the weekend

The Bangalore .Net user group is meeting on Saturday, 22nd December at 4:00pm. There will be two sessions covering Spring.Net and NHibernate. More details here.

The Bangalore Open Java user group is meeting on Sunday, 23rd December at 10:30 am. Sessions include a design patterns session (covering strategy and chain of responsibility) and a Ruby/JRuby primer covering 'Why is Ruby different?' and 'What's the big deal with this metaprogramming thing anyway?'. More details here.

These events are open to everyone. You can find directions to ThoughtWorks Bangalore in an older post of mine here.


Zenwalker said...

Hey Sidu,

The BOJUG was awesome. I liked the Design Patterns and your Ruby sessions. Even though many of these stuffs were very new and advance (since i am fresh graduate working @Conzerv Systems on .Net platform) but still could get few stuffs. And it was much informative and it updated my mind. My thanks goes to you and Aamir and other guy (Dont remember his name!!) and Ranganath for conducting this event. Even i am a member of BDOTNET. But many of the events are very hi-fi and i am very child in those concepts. So not attending it. Plus i love java lot :D. Any ways, hope more sessions would be conducted in the future like this.

Zen :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sidu,
I admired your knowledge of the subject. But I also wanted to say another thing. Arrogance & Pride/Confidence, "It’s a thin line, and how to walk on it without falling off is an art".


Sidu said...

Thank you! I'm glad you found the sessions useful. I'll make sure I publish all future sessions on this blog.

Thanks for the feedback, Sendhil, I know I can sound remarkably arrogant sometimes - my apologies if I inadvertently caused offense.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sidu

I am Sreedhar Ambati attended Bojug and Bdotnet meetings. Can you please upload all the four sessions presentations? It will really help us.

Sreedhar Ambati

Sidu said...

Sure thing Sreedhar. I have spoken to Amir and Praveen, they will upload the slides soon.

You can get the metaprogramming slides at Farooq's blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sidu.