Barcamp Bangalore 5

I'm planning to attend the next Barcamp happening at IIMB on the 17th and 18th of November, 2007. I suspect most of my time is going to be spent at the hacker, ruby and extreme programming collectives with a bit on the side for any startup related collectives.

The Ruby collective has some interesting people showing up, but no clear agenda or talks (which is fine - this is a Barcamp, eh?). Ditto for the Hacker collective. The Extreme Programming collective is being facilitated by Naresh Jain of ASCI - he has several hands-on sessions in the pipeline which promise to be interesting. By hands on, he means you need to get your laptop with a JDK, Eclipse and a few other things so that you can participate and get your hands dirty. Less talking, more hacking. Topics to be covered include Test Driven Development, refactoring, and other XP related stuff.

If you're interested in these or any other collectives, please remember to register here.


Ranganath said...

will be there for xp and hacking.. probably we can meetup what say!

Unknown said...

Sure thing.

premblogger said...

missed this BC5
when is the next BC planned.. i wud like to meet u guys there