Weekend at bandipur

I spent last weekend at the Tiger Ranch at the Bandipur reserve.

Bandipur is stunning. The Tiger Ranch isn't. The cottage - a bunch of coconut leaves woven around a wood frame - had a filthy toilet, and was plagued with ants. The biting kind. There were seven beds, one crawling with ants, two with bed bugs and two which were damp. The five of us ended up sleeping on the remaining double bed, packed like sardines. I understand that this is the whole 'living in the wild' thing, but not when you're paying Rs. 850 per head per night. We ended up paying Rs. 4250 for everything, which is way, way too expensive. Given the time constraints, we couldn't even go on a safari.

That miserable excuse for a cottage was just a minor irritant though, and the simple pleasure of hanging out with old friends more than made up for it.

I was also able to take lots of photographs. We also managed to go for a walk on Sunday morning, followed by a pleasant game of badminton.

On our way back, we stopped at Gopalaswamy betta for a couple of hours which made up for everything else. It was absolutely stunning and I recommend it highly to anyone traveling to Bandipur.

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