At the end of the day

This is why I love working at ThoughtWorks. I doubt there are very many places in the world (and even fewer in India) where I could end up with my table looking like this at the end of the day and nobody bats an eyelid. Especially since we have no cubicles.
My comfort levels at work have only increased further since I moved to WorkOnly(TM) footwear. I went barefoot while taking this shot so you could actually see what I'm talking about. The black Adidas' on the right are what I wear to work, and the good ol' Bata hawaii chappals on the left are what I wear at work.


Anonymous said...

Whoa.. looks like a g33kdom :)


Kesava Reddy.M said...


Bosky said...

nice !... Having a startup environment always helps .I'd know we;ve grown from two roooms ,to half a floor ,and a nice building of our own now .miss having your kind of tables though. worked swell for the counter strike nights we have 8 ).

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker 8 )

Jang-Vijay Singh said...

I am SO looking forward to joining TW!
But dude, do we not have LCD's? Those CRT monitors look kinda ancient..

Anonymous said...

Comfort levels might be increased by using a docking station or a desktop PC... laptop ergonomics are rubbish and if that's your main machine you can expect problems before you're off your training wheels.

Those CRTs are so close to the edge of the desk that they will be almost unusable. Optimal distance is arm's length.

and I'm sure those flip-flops go well with your business suit on those client-facing days.

Otherwise, groovy w00t and so forth dood.

Young people today! :o)


Unknown said...

Yeah, I agree laptops are pretty uncomfortable. I've been agitating for a flat-screen and USB keyboard for everyone. Unfortunately, only those currently on a project merit those and I was between projects...

The other monitors either aren't connected or are connected to build and test boxes. Never actually used for more than a few seconds.

And don't even remind me of client facing :-). I have to shave and no jeans! But hey, if you gotta do it you gotta do it. I did wear a tie to school for 14 years, so it can't be that hard.

Ajit Balan said...

Hi Sidhu!!! TW is definitely a great place to be and its my dream company as well. I have gone through the recruitment process and unfortunately I have been unsuccessful. I goofed up in the techincal interview round.

I am giving it another shot in Novemeber this year and preparations are in progress.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

Sidu, that is so so cool , ya im interviewing for TW tomorrow so hopeing i get in, it looks such a cool outfit.

shafhuz said...

I glad to have worked with company that are agile and have similar "work at the dining table" concept :)

Hey, those tables are equipped with speakers ( the legs ) to listen music?